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GREY BRUCE & TORONTO, ON Canada                                                            T: (519) 373-6248

Lawn Care

Lawn cut and edging. Heavy clippings are blown, raked, bagged and brought to curb for pick up.  Light clippings are left on lawn as fertilizer. All paths and patios are blown of any clippings.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Leaves and debris are blown, raked, bagged and brought to curb for pickup. 

Garden & Landscape Design


Using 3d software allow us to take you on a virtual tour of what your dream property could look like. Design is free if you decide to install with us.

Weed Management


Using only hoes, spades, rakes and gloves, we hand pull every weed root intact and bag for pick up.

Hedge Trimming
& Pruning

Thin your trees, tighten up your hedges and prune any dead flowers and foliage.

Perenial Garden.jpg
Garden Installation
Specializing in perennial gardens,

we focus on building sustainable beds with low maintenance that

can provide years of enjoyment. 

Annuals play their part in young gardens, filling the spaces between our young perennials..

Aeration & Dethatching


Available as an extension to

our Lawn Care service or on

its own. This service is based

on lawn size and terrain.

Mulch & Soil

Delivery and installation of cedar wood chips and organic triple mix.


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